Tera Byte Video Game Creation Camp

2016 is our 13th Year!

Learn to create your very own video games. Play your games on the computer, and bring them home to show off to your friends!

Best Video Game Creation Camp in Dallas

Why Tera Byte? Simple. We know how to have fun! We've been doing it for 12 years.


  1. Download the enrollment form here
  2. Download the participation agreement here.
  3. Fill out both forms
  4. Make a check out to Tera Byte
  5. Mail both forms and the check to:
    4444 Gloster Rd
    Dallas, TX 75220

Fun all day!

When you're not making video games, you'll be hanging out, shooting hoops, and enjoying delicious home-baked treats.

Summer 2016 Dates

May 31 - June 3
June 6-9
June 13-16

Best Value of Any Computer Camp

At only $399 per week, it's the best value you can find anywhere.

No Prerequisites

No experience making games? No problem. We show you the ropes and teach you everything you need.

Questions? Contact us

Email Camp Director, Jake Galant, at jake@terabytegames.com

Earn Boy Scout Badges

At Tera Byte, you can earn 2 badges in just one week

Computer Badge
Game Design Badge

Jake Galant

Camp Director

Jake Galant is the Director and Head Counselor of camp. Jake has been at Tera Byte all 12 years. He has been the director for five years, a counselor for the past five years, and has taught MMF to many campers, even before formally being a counselor. Jake founded Tera Byte Outreach, a special program for low-income youth in Dallas, which has run programs at DISD elementary schools for the past four summers.

Age 18, Jake is senior at St. Mark's School of Texas where he continues to be an "A" student and is on the Varsity Debate team. He was on a Destination Imagination teams that took first place in Texas, qualifying for Global Finals, twice. He's studying Chinese, taught Terabyte in China and Israel, and has traveled to The Republic of Georgia and Italy for two CISV programs. He loves current events, Colbert and the Daily Show, fantasy sports, sports, and rowing on the St. Mark's crew team.

Zach Galant


Zach founded the camp in the summer of 2004 as a Greenhill student.

For the first 6 years, Zach was the main teacher at camp.

Now a graduate from Stanford, he is the co-founder of the new online computer programming course, CodeHS.

At Stanford, he majored in computer science and was a section leader for the CS 106 classes for 2 years. He was also the TA for CS 105 and CS 106B as a senior.

He was also one of the founding members of The Stanford Flipside, a satirical newspaper on campus, and he was a member of the Stanford Ski Team for four years.