Tera Byte Video Game Creation Camp

Earn Boy Scout Badges!

Earn the Computer Badge and the Game Design Badge at the same time!

Shelley Galant, Certified Merit Badge Counselor: Computer Badge and Game Design Badge

Computer Badge

Online Safety

History and Uses of the Computer and its Impact on Society and Family, Science and Technology


Parts of the Computer, Memory, Compression, Chips


Software: Program Development; Programming Languages; Software Packages; Viruses; Protection; Internet Linkage

Careers, Training and Education

Copyright, Usage and Downloading

Three (3) Short Projects

  • Spreadsheet
  • Letter
  • Computer Graphics: Video Game Design
  • Internet Search
  • Presentation
  • Email Photography
  • Database

One Large Project

  • Database
  • Database Form
  • Blog
  • Webpage

Game Design Badge

Analyze Four Games

Medium, Player Format, Objectives, Rules, Theme, Play Experience and Enjoyment, Play Value

Sample Games: Monopoly, Go Fish, Basketball, Pong

Game Design Terms

Story, Setting, Characters
Play Sequence, Level Design, Interface Design
Difficulty, Balance, Depth, Pace, Replay Value, Age Appropriateness
Single-player vs multiplayer; Cooperative vs competitive; turn-based versusreal-time; strategy vs. reflex vs chance; abstract vs thematic

Intellectual Property; Protections and Licenses

Career, Training and Education

Experiment with Rule Changing of a Game

Design a New Game: Video Game

  • Write a Plan for the Game
  • Make a Game
  • Test the Game and Blind Test the Game