Tera Byte Video Game Creation Camp


Not only do kids love Tera Byte, parents do too!

Preston Hollow Advocate

Check out the video of Jake and Tera Byte from the Preston Hollow Advocate.

Cindy Hirsch, Shelton Parent

We chose Tera Byte for our son because the camp's structure allowed him to work at his own pace and he did not need sophisticated computer skills to learn how to design and create his game. Our son was one of the youngest campers (an incoming 3rd grader), but he had a great time and was proud to bring home his unique, personally-created video game, which the whole family was able to play!

Jennifer Mosle, Lamplighter, St. Mark's Parent

My son and I found something we agree wholeheartedly about - we both love Tera Byte! He loved being able to create a fun game and then play it with his friends. I loved that my son was able to indulge his passion for video games in a productive way. Each morning of camp, he was eager to arrive and get started.

My son became a CIT and now, as a rising senior, this will be his third year as a counselor!

The New York Times

Read about Zach and his camp in the New York Times! link.

The Dallas Morning News

Read about Zach and his sister, Sophie, in the Dallas Morning News! link

Brett Kirstein, Lamplighter, St. Mark's Parent

"Few camps make learning as much fun as this one. Our son has loved every year he's attended."

"Tera Byte is a lot of fun, a little hard, but really worth it when you get to see and play the game you made." -Duncan Kirstein, camper.

Leslie Carr, ESD Parent

Tera Byte Games is a must for any child who is interested in computers or video gaming (and, doesn't that, by definition, rule in most adolescent boys?) The Camp Director, Jake Galant, does a wonderful job of inspiring and engaging all his students-my two boys couldn't stop talking about the games they created all summer long. What a fantastic, fun week. Thank you!

Gilian Baron, Greenhill Parent

Tera Byte is a fun and educational camp run in a highly professional, engaging, positive and patient manner. The impressive computer lab accommodates all the campers, the staff makes sure each camper gets the time and attention he or she needs. The fact that the counselors are still students make them not only accessible and completely relatable to the campers, but also an amazing role model for the kids. Tera Byte offers kids an opportunity to stay on top of the computer technology curve - and have a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the computer screen.

Above all (as my daughter will tell anyone who asks)... Tera Byte Camp is SO MUCH FUN!

Rosario Cruz, Good Shepherd Parent

My son attended his first week of camp in the summer of 2013. He LOVED it. He made a great game and got interested in computer programming beyond just playing games! He loved playing basketball and ping pong at breaks, and looked forward to the home baked muffins every morning! Also, it was fun having counselors who are teens. They relate to what he thought was a fun game and that made him feel good.